Not sure where to start on your next project? Enjoy our inspiration page for pictures and ideas from our customer's projects in addition to other unique ideas!

Where to Start?

Wondering what piece of furniture you can turn into or create with live edge hardwood in your home? Look no further! Here are just a few starting ideas. We'll share more examples below!

Project Ideas

Dining Tables

The dining table is the ultimate live edge project. Introduce a unique, one of a kind piece of furniture to your dining room where friends and family can gather and dine.

Bar Tops

There's no better addition to a bar than a beautiful live edge slab! Live edge bar tops make for a great conversation piece while sharing a cold beverage with friends and family.

Coffee Tables

A live edge coffee table will last you a lifetime when taken proper care of. Live edge coffee tables make for beautiful additions to your living space.


Get your work done in style with a hardwood live edge desk! A growing desire for many in their office space.


Tired of granite and marble? Consider a unique live edge slab for your countertop replacement to really leave your guests in awe!

Kitchen Islands

Want to add a beautiful accent piece to your kitchen? Live edge islands make for an incredible edition!

More coming soon!